Thank You!
​~Jan Earlywine~
Boondocks Bloodhounds could not exist without the Ewine kennel by Janet Earlywine. Jan has declared herself (again) as retired from breeding and showing but she is glad to offer assistance and direction. She is currently living with her husband and their 8 bloodhound companions just north of Grand Rapids, MI.

~Kurt & Connie Lubben~
Owners of Allusive Dreams Bloodhounds, Kurt and Connie are another trusted source of guidance and knowledge. They are currently very active within the breed and AKC. Please have a look at their web page!


​These organizations provided the foundation of knowledge and opportunity upon which Boondocks Bloodhounds is built

~Vicki Williams~
Active within the canine community for longer than she cares to admit, Vicki has extensive knowledge in training, breeding, showing, and grooming. She currently acts as leader/trainer for the 4H club Town & Country Paws & Pals and is owner of Mutterly Love in Saint Joseph Michigan. Sarah would not be as confident and knowledgeable about training, showing, and dogs in general if it weren't for her!
Sarah Cronk
269 369 6979
Hema is retired from shows in preparation to whelp her puppies!!!
                              Check back for updates!